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Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... DominateEver since the invention of WordPress, online blogging and marketing has never been the same. For many years this free content management system and free open source blogging tool has helped millions of bloggers, writers and online marketers to meet their needs. Recent facts reveal an astonishing truth about WordPress. It now powers more than 50 million websites, and host about half of them. The site is the most efficient tool for online marketing with a daily average of half a million posts and 400,000 fresh comments. To help people to be even more efficient in using the tool, WordPress has a new plug-in called Pretty Link Pro.

An overview of Pretty Link Pro
Most WordPress users are familiar with the Pretty Link Lite plug-in that has been in use for many years to shorten links using their own domain. However, the Pretty Link Pro is a huge upgrade to this plug-in that comes with many new features. Its new tools will allow user to cloak links, create pretty links automatically, auto-tweet links as well as replace keyword links throughout their blogs. The plug-in is very easy to use and responds fast.

Managing links with Pretty Link Pro
When you are a famous blogger or an affiliate online marketer, managing your links is often a daunting task. Normally, you often have to roll out your own PHP script to hack together some redirects or giving up control of your links to a third party offering link-shrinking services. There are some serious disadvantages of using this to methods to manage your links. Using a third party gives you no guarantee you will constantly have access to your links and may hurt your credibility. Rolling out your own redirection software can have take plenty of time and resources, and will be difficult to manage.
That is why WordPress developed Pretty Link Pro. It is a much easier way of managing your social links, affiliate links and redirects. Since it is a WordPress plug-in, all you need to do is upload a zip file to your website then activate it to begin creating links with your own website. The links will be accessible easily from the website’s admin interface of your WordPress and will use your domain name. This plug-in combines the power of custom solution with the ease of using third party solutions.
Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... DominateAutomating your marketing
As you already know, blogging, maintaining a presence on social networks and affiliate marketing are very time-consuming. You have to write numerous blog posts, tweet constantly, write email campaigns, curate information and so much more. When doing all this, you must not forget to include your links while using the right keyword and density.
It would be so much easier if you could automate some of these tasks. With Pretty Link Pro, you can create short links for all your posts and pages automatically, and can tweet a custom message to as many tweeter accounts as you wish, when you post something. The innovative features on this plug-in will allow you to automotive most of your content strategy thus giving you more time to focus on your content.

Powerful Features of PrettyLinkPro:
Redirection Types

  • Temporary (302/307) Redirection
  • Permanent (301) Redirection
  • Cloaked Redirection
  • Pretty Bar Redirection
  • Javascript Redirection
  • Meta Refresh Redirection
  • Tracking Pixel Redirection


  • Custom Link Slugs
  • Automatic Link Titling
  • Link Groups
  • Create Nofollow Links
  • Forward Parameters
  • Simple Click Counting
  • Detailed Click Reporting
  • Export Click Database
  • Robot Filtering
  • Pretty Link Bookmarklet
  • Customizable Pretty Link Bookmarklet
  • Alternate Base URL
  • Conversion Reports
  • Delayed Redirection
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Double Redirection
  • Automatically Generate QR Codes


  • Keyword Replacement
  • URL Replacement
  • Automatically Create Links for Pages & Posts
  • URL Replacement
  • URL Rotations
  • Import Links
  • Export Links
  • Split Testing


  • Auto Tweet Pretty Links for Pages and Posts
  • Tweet Badge for Pages and Posts
  • Social Sharing Button Bar for Pages and Posts
  • Twitter Comments for Pages and Posts
  • Public Link Creation

Prices offering:
Blogger Edition $37
Developer Edition $97

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