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January 12, 2013WordPress Plugin


WP Robot -150x150WP Robot Version 3
WP Robot 3 is considered most advanced among the WordPress auto blogging applications software around. It is an auto blogging plugin for WordPress blogs considered very powerful in that it allows one to make their blog work for them. It is sort of like having your blog on complete autopilot.

It is very easy to use in the sense that content is automatically and regularly updated depending on the period you specify for this to be done. Some contents it can automatically post for you without lifting a finger include Youtube Videos, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Amazon products just to mention a few. It is ideal because the updated or created posts are based on any subject matter you can think of or any keyword you enter. It takes blogging to a completely new level one can say. It is quite a revolutionary way of auto posting and blogging to say the least.

Why WP Robot plugin is recommended?
While you sit back and let WP Robot blog for you, it is important to note that one of its key features that is Randomization, lets the content created appear as natural as possible to guests and search engines as well by setting very high standards. This is done through; spacing out post intervals around the time one sets to appear natural – also known as Randomized Post Times. Other ways of randomizing features is through;selecting a keyword randomly, Selecting a Template or Template Tag at random and Random Translation whereby one rewrites a given percentage of posts for every new blog.

Other features of the WP Robot include creating auto posts that are related to any weblog’s topic, organizing keywords to be auto posted in campaigns and enabling you to use several templates for your posts(no one can suspect an auto blog behind your site). It also allows you to review and fix any trouble as well as save notifications you may stumble on during auto posting. It does not come with copyright infringement issues; content can be republished by its source. You get access to immediate help with WP Robot without having to refer elsewhere for assistance. With WP Robot one can also customize posts; having the option to publish new posts immediately or post as any registered user your blog. It comes with free support through support forum. These are just but few of the many features that comes with this epic way of auto posting in these virtual times.

WP Robot Demo

WP Robot Demo


  • Create targeted autoposts related to any weblog’s topic
  • Create posts for many keywords at the same time
  • Organize your keywords in campaigns
  • Use dozens of different templates for your posts
  • Detailed “Log” function and error reporting
  • Use WordPress internal Cron Jobs or set up your own
  • Powerful Replace and Exclude Keywords Features
  • No copyright issues
  • Instant Help
  • Insert WP Robot content into “normal” non-auto posts
  • Add created posts to any category of your WordPress weblog
  • Custom time intervals between posts
  • Extend WP Robot’s functionality with new modules
  • Automatic Rewriting
  • Support for Featured Images
  • Creates tags for every post
  • Image Caching
  • Link Cloaking
  • Humanized Post Times
  • Backdating
  • Bulk Add Keywords
  • Custom Post Types
  • Many customizable options
  • Post as any user
  • Free Support via the WP Robot support forum

Merits – Your Advantages
Many blogging software packages have been developed and upgraded. But what separates this particular one from the rest? Having considered the immense abilities that this revolutionary auto blogging software has to offer it goes without saying that the client will not be disappointed by choosing the WP Robot plugin. The software installation comes with instant delivery of the plugin once you have paid, and a guarantee within two weeks in case the customer is not satisfied. As mentioned earlier, it comes with free updates with every order and free support through the support forum.

Prices & Promotional

  • Custom Version: from free to $30 per each module
  • Full Version $129
  • Developer Version $499
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