Twitter Adder Software: What is so good about this software?

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Voted the best twitter marketing software by huge brands such as Microsoft, Apple just to mention a few Tweet Adder is the most powerful software that not only builds up your twitter follower network, but also increases your marketing efforts on twitter. Credited with the best twitter networking capabilities, it is no wonder that twitter is considered today’s hot spot with celebrities, corporates and multinationals alike having accounts to increase their network of followers.

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Features of Tweet Adder
It has additional search capabilities which yield in better results narrowed down by search filters and features as; keyword, language spoken, location and so on. It automatically searches for tweets related to your matching key word. Other search features that are synonymous to this software include the fact that you can be able to have a geographical location search option. Your fields can now be narrowed down to a particular location, making your search options much easier. It does not stop there – if you have another user in your search criteria, you can be able to import his/her twitter list on your own, giving you a wider selection of search options. In addition, you can get the followers of a certain user in your search criterion as well as the people who you are following.

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Filtering options are exciting with this software. With the ability to remove the results for users who did some link posting, and those that have not developed their profiles to full capacity, you have a quicker way to search and get what you require.
When it comes to account management, a user has the ability to switch from one profile to the other. If a person or a company has different profiles, networking becomes easier while using this software. Advertising and public relation is easier while using this application, as the Adder platinum package gives you the ability to handle the profiles securely and for an unlimited number pf profiles.
TweetAdder Banner 3With this package, you can select a number of following and unfollowing features. As it is, the same person can be followed more than once in other types of software. With this current one, you can never follow a member more than once. You will also have the ability of blocking and black listing people who are not to be on your list. It offers automated following options including control mechanisms like follow ratios and summations of the number of people who are following you in a day. These are just a sneak preview of the hordes of features that are part of the Tweet Adder software.

Why choose this software?
Apart from the features present here, people have noted that the software can be upgraded to a higher activation through the click of a button. The software is praised for bing 100% secure from hackers, thus it is safe, having minimal potential of risks. The key is emailed to you immediately you register on the spam mails you receive on Yahoo. In addition, you can receive up to 3 installations per purchase of the software. The support desk is always free to answer any questions pertaining to the use of the software.


  • 1 Profile: $55
  • 5 Profile: $74
  • 10 Profile: $110
  • Unlimited Profile: $188

Free Unlimited Software Updates and Support
You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time here: Upgrade Registration
Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free!
No Questions Asked 7 Day Refund Policy
Registration Key Immediately Emailed on Purchase (24/7) *yahoo emails check spam folder
Tweet Adder pays for itself in just a few days!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions at Support

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