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WP Robot 3: Auto-Posting WordPress Plugin

January 12, 2013WordPress Plugin


WP Robot -150x150WP Robot Version 3
WP Robot 3 is considered most advanced among the WordPress auto blogging applications software around. It is an auto blogging plugin for WordPress blogs considered very powerful in that it allows one to make their blog work for them. It is sort of like having your blog on complete autopilot.

It is very easy to use in the sense that content is automatically and regularly updated depending on the period you specify for this to be done. Some contents it can automatically post for you without lifting a finger include Youtube Videos, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Amazon products just to mention a few. It is ideal because the updated or created posts are based on any subject matter you can think of or any keyword you enter. It takes blogging to a completely new level one can say. It is quite a revolutionary way of auto posting and blogging to say the least.

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