s2Member: A Cool Membership Plug-In For WordPress

January 20, 2013WordPress Plugin


s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin)For nearly a decade now, WordPress has been among the leading open source blogging tools available on the web. This free tool has helped millions of bloggers, Internet marketers and affiliate marketers to reach millions of individuals worldwide. Each year, about 6 million new blogs are created and over 20 billion pages are viewed in WordPress. Media uploads are now at 95 terabytes of new photos and videos each year.
Each month, WordPress receives over 300 million unique visits and has over 30 million publishers responsible for approximately 10% of all websites on the planet. One fact that has helped WordPress achieve this success is the use of revolutionary plug-ins such as the s2Member plug-in.

What is s2Member plug-in?
The s2Member is a comprehensive membership plug-in from WordPress. The principle framework of the s2Member plug-in is free and you can download it from WordPress.org. S2Member Pro is an extension module on s2Member framework. The module offers greater resources and flexibility for professional membership sites. All the features you can think about in a membership plug-in, the s2Member meets them all. It is very trouble-free to get started and if you wish to take it to the next level, resources responsible for making third party expansion a practical endeavor are available in abundance.
s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin)Acquiring and installing
The s2Member framework is completely free and is available for download from WordPress.org. You simply search for it on the web and after downloading it, install from within the administration dashboard. This s2Member Pro is available for purchase online. Once you have bought the plug-in, FTP it into your Content/Plugin folder. Alternatively, you can get it there using the plug in uploader from WordPress. An important fact to note is that you should not attempt to make active it because you will simply get an error note.
The admin setting UI of the s2Member plug-in are similar with the shades and colors of the WordPress native UI. Nevertheless, the plugin makes use of its own visual elements and layout. It is arranged very simply to make it easy to use. Other components of the s2Member plug-in UI incorporate with on hand WordPress screens. For instance, scrolling down to the base of your profile page, you will realize several fresh fields that the s2Member plug-in has added.

Support and documentation
Many users agree that the s2Member plug-in is highly documented. It has numerous video tutorials to guide you on how to use it to your full advantage. Its readme file is very detailed and has a support page. The s2Member depends largely on the in-plugin documentation as opposed to a traditional PDF user manual. If you are a developer who wants to buy the Pro module, you will have downloadable zip file that contains code samples as well as instructions to achieve various tasks programmatically.
Fortunately, support is not accessible to premium members only so if you have the s2Member framework you can still take part in the forums and post questions. When buying the plugin, you can get s2Member discount by using s2Member Pro coupons, s2Member promo codes.

S2Member Framework Free
S2Member Pro – Single Site License $69
S2Member Pro – Unlimited-Site License $129
S2Member Pro – Network Support License $289


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