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February 17, 2013WP Themes


Flexsqueeze-BannerUnique Features of FlexSqueeze Theme
When it comes to building websites on WordPress, there are regular websites and there are niche websites and sales pages. As a business, it matters the most to have custom niche websites that can drive your targeted sales. It is to create these websites that you need the best WordPress theme like FlexSqueeze. It has more than 250 themes to choose from, which means that you have an easy way to create unique websites using the Flexsqueeze coupon code.

What is FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme?
FlexSqueeze is a WordPress theme that is provided with templates designed specifically to be used as a Lead Generator page. It is greatly configurable due to multiple options in addition to working as a WP blog theme that helps you promote your offer through content. This is what makes FlexSqueeze a worthwhile theme for investing your money and time.

What you get?
When you use the Flexsqueeze discount code to get this theme, you are mainly getting two things:

• A WordPress theme
• A custom Squeeze Page that looks professional and is easy to implement

The best thing about FlexSqueeze is that because both the two offerings are part of the same blog, it is possible to make the Squeeze page as the Home Page and when customers have confirmed their subscription, you can easily redirect them to the blog.

Lead Generation- You would find that creation of Squeeze page is just like creating a new page using WordPress interface and then assigning the template from Page Attributes. Then advanced users would like to fill in the content. Another good point is that CSS styles get assigned on a per page basis, which helps in improving the speed of the page loading. It is possible to control all the aspects of the appearance of the Squeeze Page. Make sure to use the flexsqueeze coupon code to save on this theme.

Regular Blog Template–The WP theme offered by the FlexSqueeze theme follows almost all the design options that you would like to use.
• It would enable you to display Special Promos a top the Home Page and at the Footer. You can also control where it needs to be displayed – the Home Page or the entire blog.
• It would allow you to control a wide range of features of your theme. This can include colors, width and visual aspects among other elements.
• It is well optimized to load faster and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
• It is SEO optimized.
• You get total control over the presentation of your blog.

Once you have used the flexsqueeze discount code, the other advantages offered by the FlexSqueeze theme include:
• Access to Tutorials, Forums and more than 250 sales page graphics
• There are 12 built-in sales pages
• Consists of several pre-styled elements for sales pages
• Easier insertion of guarantees, testimonials, buttons and content boxes with built-in Shortcodes
• Free plugin for font replacement
• Free updates for latest version of FlexSqueeze
• Using on any owned domains

If you want to integrate your email marketing with niche blogging or if you want to collect customer leads in the existing market space, you should consider using the FlexSqueeze theme.

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