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February 2, 2013Software


AVS4YOU Banner 1Why AVS Video Converter is Different?
Do you have a liking to do a lot of things with videos? If yes, then you need to use an avs4you coupon code to get the AVS Video Converter.The converter allows you to create DVDs from video or movie clips on your PC. It would also allow you to enhance the videos and convert it into other usable formats.

What Exactly Does the AVS Video Converter do?
This is a video software that would convert any format of video file into different formats. This means that you can convert an unusable video format into a specific format for your iPod or into another format for your PSP or other device. Using the avs4you coupon code, you can get the AVS Video Converter software along with a comprehensive software that contains more than 18 tools.

There is a 1-year unlimited subscription to the software, and it would be wiser to choose this option.You can save a good amount on the subscription by using the AVS4YOU coupon code. You are initially allowed to download the software for free to check the tools. The different formats you can convert using the AVS Video Converter are AVI, MPEG, DVD, WMV, MOV and 3GP among several others.

Conversion Bar
The AVS Video Converter has a conversion bar that would display the video file formats. Here, you would be able to choose any number of files and in any order so that you can convert them. You can find many different presets that come with different quality levels for different devices.

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It is possible to customize your videos using all these settings. The editing tool allows you to edit all the files that you choose. The types of changes that can be made are in terms of the frame size, file type, audio format, audio channels, resolution and frame rate. You can also save these changes to make things easier.

When making a DVD, make sure to choose the codex with care. The different versions you get with the avs4you discount code include MPEG4, DivX and Xvid. You can also use some tools for editing the videos. The most common changes you can make are:

  • Blur
  • Motion blue
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Sharpen

It is also possible to make adjustments to the colors using invert, brightness and equalize among others. Overall, the software offers more than 84 video effects.

The different types of video edits that you can enjoy with your avs4you discount code include splitting, adding audio tracks, joining and trimming. The audio edits include twisting, flipping, sharpening, defusing and embossing. It is also possible to compress, amplify, fade or delay the audio.

Built-in DVD Burner
One of the best features in AVS Video Converter is its built-in DVD Burner. Once you have converted all your video files into a standard compatible format, it is possible to burn the files to a DVD.

Overall, the AVS Video Converter is a winner because it can convert to and from a wide range of video formats. In addition, its easy-to-use and appealing interface also helps it become a relatively better video converter. Last but not least, you get total creative control over a video. Make sure to use the AVS4YOU discount code to save on your subscription.


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